The Soundscape Project

Colourbox Soundscape Project

The Colourbox Soundscape Project is a series of ambient and textural audio compositions set to abstract visuals. The audio and video portions are not necessarily meant to be in keeping with one another.

The pieces are not intended to state a universal truth or static ideology. Neither am I attempting to represent or communicate reality either objectively or subjectively (each piece should take a listener to a different place, according to their unique memories and experiences.)

What I am attempting to do is examine and compare the immediate and categorised responses of the listener/viewer.

What Am I On About?

Music is different from the other arts. When someone views art, they look at it and, before there can be an emotional response, they must first categorise it. This brain function happens normally and automatically.

Music is unique in that it invokes an emotional response before this categorisation process occurs.

For example: have you ever gotten chills from a song that you would be absolutely embarrassed to admit to even having listened to? Once you categorise the song, determine who the composer is, establish the genre, or consider where it is that you heard it, you might absolutely hate everything about it.

But undeniably you had that emotional response.

So how is it that you could have that response when, after subjecting the song to your internal categorisation process, you find the song cheesy or safe or by an artist that you hate?

Well, frankly, I have no idea! I'm not Jordan Peterson.

But that's the point of the Colourbox Soundscape Project -- to "compare and contrast" your instantaneous emotional response with that of your post-categorisation responses. 

I don't call what I do art or music. I call it "Soundscaping"; others have called it ambient or mood music. Regardless of what you call it, what it boils down to is melodic sound design and video engineering tricks that form a thought experiment.

Each one of the boxes below represent a track in the Colourbox Soundscape Project. They are listed in a specific order, but it's up to you what order to click them in.