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I’m currently working on the introduction to PHP series. Targeted for the front-end developer, this series goes through PHP from beginning to end and focuses on the WHY and WHEN of PHP programming. I’ll skip the fluff and teach you exactly what you need to know to expand from front-end only to full web-app development in the fastest time and with the best modern-practices possible.

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Some recent projects

Cuenca Housing: Real Estate App

The real-estate app for independent agents -- a browser application with a powerful administration side that makes managing agents and listings simple.

Out Of Line Preorder App

Ever ordered a cocktail using an app and found only 'Gin and Tonic' or 'Screwdriver'? What if you wanted a double Templeton rye sour with maple simple syrup, crushed ice, shaken, with a cherry garnish?! This preorder app is the answer to this and much more.

Some recent articles

The Languages of Web Development (Simplified) Part 3

In parts one and two, we've covered a few of the primary web languages: PHP, SQL, HTML, and CSS. Let's get into a few of the more advanced languages. Explanations of these will be brief as some of the concepts here are difficult to grasp until you are actually developing and need them.

XML is the language that HTML is based on. It is structure, structure, structure when it comes to data! XML quite simply defines ownership, relationship, and type for data...

The Languages of Web Development (Simplified) Part 2

In part one, we were talking about internet languages and we managed to pull some data using PHP and SQL from a database about some purchases that we made on our debit card. We then took that data and structured it using HTML giving us a simple table that looks like it got the raw end of the ugly stick. I'll redraw the table so we can remember what it looked like.

Cover your eyes...

The Languages of Web Development (Simplified) Part 1

So many of the conversations that I have with non-developers about development eventually lead to some explanation of the languages and frameworks that I use to build a site or application. It becomes necessary, then, to explain the specific roles that each language performs, why they do what they do, and why the do not do what the other languages do.

In the interest of good relations, here are some (very) simple examples and explanations of a few of the languages, what they do and why they do it...