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R.E.A.P. Alert!

By on May 6, 2014
The R.E.A.P. Alert! project was a response to the State of California’s issuance of new regulation mandating that all construction projects cease operations during, what they deemed, “Rain Events”. Many States decided that they were going to either, issue their own similar mandate or simply have reciprocity with the CA laws.

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The Bakbone: A Tablet Ring

By on May 6, 2014
Dr. Paul Webber got in touch with me in 2011 with an idea for an ergonomic, removable, and, most importantly, sanitise-able tablet holder. As an E.R. doctor he was witnessing the rise of tablet use within the medical and emergency response industries but noticed that, unless the tablet was placed on a table or the ground, an unfeasible scenario in most cases, typing was difficult and cumbersome.

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Paolo Angelucci Leathers

By on November 27, 2012
Paolo Angelucci’s designer, Darrin Ehardt got in touch with me for what turned out to be a real challenge of an interface. PA needed a store which, along with most other stores, required the standard stuff: a cart, a processor, a gateway, etc. But the real challenge here was the site layout and product browser.